Monday, April 30, 2012

hello New Zealand

hi there

many thanks indeed to Gillian and everyone for sending on some new pictures showing off how things are going over on the other side of the world!

first off we have news of Katie, who has decided to take up the fine art of football, or "soccer" as i believe she is being encouraged to call it. that last bit could be the other way around, actually, i don't have the original mail here with me at the moment.

anyway, whatever they prefer to call it over there, that is what Katie is doing, and is having fun with it too!

one of the lesser known facts about the 2010 World Cup is that, with three group stage draws, New Zealand are the only side to have finished undefeated. a lot of people assume that eventual champions Spain were unbeaten, but they lost their first group game to the almighty force that is Switzerland.

perhaps New Zealand were able to get that to their names by virtue of the fact that they play with, or possibly against, dogs.

knowing how dogs love to chase balls, and are not strictly speaking against biting people who try to take balls off them, i imagine it would get to be quite tricky to win the ball off them and retain possession, really.

moving on, and it seems that Daniel has got himself a rather ace new bike!

that one looks like it is very much the business! Daniel also looks like the business on the bike too, great to see he is so confident on it and is riding away.

that probably means, however, that Grant will be expecting him to start earning his keep now, most likely as a paperboy but quite possibly as one of them inner city courier types, the likes of which i am pretty sure Kevin Bacon (no less) once played in a film.

speaking of Grant, no doubt Grant enthusiasts will be hoping if there might be a new picture of him to see here. indeed there is, if that answers such wonders.

i am not at sure as to why Gillian took such a distance shot of Daniel and Grant here, to be honest. it could be something as simple as that was how far they went and she could not be bothered to walk around following them. it could also be that they had no idea pictures were being taken and she was in fact hiding in some of New Zealand's famous trees and shrubberies.

many, many thanks indeed, Gillian and everyone, for fowarding on those most excellent pictures!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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