Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Completely Unnecessary Nuisance Traffic

hi there

well, first off my whole family and i are incredibly indebted and thankful to my place of verk in regards of them accomodating my need to go and pick the boys up from daycare and school each day. nice one, and it is little wonder we are not only a successful business, but also regularly ranked as one of the best to work for.

unfortunately, not every Company out there is of a mind to be so co-operative to the needs and requirements of families and people in general. one such company would be Udongo Civils.

in most developed, progressive and successful economies, infrastructure is seen as king. as a consequence, certain trucks and vehicles are not allowed on certain roads at certain times of the day unless there is some exceptional emergency in order to facilitate the free flow of essential traffic. not so here.

this is the back of the Udongo Civils digger i had the joy, along with some 40 - 50 other cars, of being stuck behind today. the particularly special kind of dick head driving it had no problem driving in our area along every road one could possibly use to get to the various schools in our area. this doubled the usual travel time (at least), wasting huge amounts of petrol and leaving people late to collect their children. well done, Udongo Civils.

there was no emergency around that required a digger to travel at this time, particularly evident by the unfixed potholes on those roads. further, there were other roads that didn't take the school route this toss could have taken, going on his general direction. cheers for nothing.

not much i can do, really, except name and hopefully shame the cause of this Completely Unnecessary Nuisance Traffic as and when it happens. hopefully others do and someone somewhere clocks how to instantly fix a good many traffic problems here.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS, many of you will be aware that i rarely use capital letters. this is down to a 20+ year old fetish related to how cool the poster for the silence of the lambs looks all in lower case, but every now and then one just has to use capitals to spell things out.
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