Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Harlo gang sans pig sacrifices.....

hi there

well, the difference engine has not yet blown up on me, so let me post away for a bit, especially as i have been inundated with some new pictures!

Uncle Trevor has kindly sent on a further batch of pictures, taken the day after the "incident", for want of a better word, with the pig. off they went to the quality that is the Riverside stadium.

here's Colin, who just might be 50 after all now that i think of it, and Gran stood proudly by Ayresome Gates, now relocated to the Riverside. which is handy, since Ayresome Park is now a housing estate.

nice one! the above picture also goes some way to explaining why exactly no one was answering the phone at Chez Harlo when i tried to call on Sunday afternoon. as indeed does the next one, showing many of the family enjoying a high calibre banquet, the likes of which only Middlesbrough can serve.

i note that young Christopher is in that picture, but his Newcastle shirt is not. very wise.

with some luck, difference engine calculating machine repair bills pending, i shall be fortunate enough to eat there too one day!

ooh, it has not flashed up that "your computer shall blow up imminently" warning for a bit now, let me try and take advantage with some more updates!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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