Friday, April 13, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises (at the stock exchange)

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well, frequent visitors might be pleased to know that i have some actual, proper pictures for you here after my minor go at an April Fools Day prank with this film and a few other things.

i am not sure if these pictures reveal all that much, but as some wild speculation may turn out to be correct i think it's safe to say that a ** SPOILER WARNING ** is in place as of now. please move along to another corner of the internet if you wish to avoid any and all information!

first up is the rather foxy looking Anne Hathaway. she is listed as being a character called Selina Kyle in the film, but i suspect it is rather fair to more state than speculate that she is indeed Catwoman....

going on Nolan's reimagining of classical Batman charatcers i believe it's reasonably safe to say that Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises is a cat burglar, presumably of some note. all reports and trailers thus far suggest she's also second in command to Bane in regards of just whatever it is all the villains are doing in Gotham, but we shall get to that.

speaking of foxy, it is nice to see that Lucius Fox does indeed return to the film. the end of The Dark Knight suggested he was to have no further involvement, but then again this new one takes place 8 years after that.

i have no idea what brings him back, and thus certainly not what apparently brings him back to the presumably now rebuilt Wayne Manor first thing in the morning. perhaps the answer is in the newspaper that Mr Wayne is reading?

i've tried to edit down and get a close up of that front page picture for some clues, but not much luck. here, have a look for yourself.

now, is that The Dark Knight on the front page, which would suggest why Lucius is back, or is it in fact Bane, which would also explain his return?

now, on to one of the, for peculiar reasons beyond me, more controversial and debated bits of casting in this film, the young Joseph Gordon-Levitt who plays a police officer called John Blake.

i am not too familiar with the many 'graphic novels' (i.e. comic books) of Batman that have come up over the years, so i have no idea if they contain something that suggests John Blake at some point becomes Robin. for some reason the "fanboy" corners of the internet are convinced this is why he is in the film. i can't see it myself, as Christian Bale has spoken up denouncing any idea of including that character, but you never know.

finally, then, on to who most of the success of this film rests upon, Bane. it seems that a stock brokers' office is something that he rather fancied taking control of.

those who have seen this "prologue" thingie suggest that it is all but impossible to understand what Bane is saying through that mask for most of the time. indeed, the trailer which features him suggest his voice is "muffled" to say the least. we shall see, or rather hear, in a couple of months i suppose.

there are those out there who expect this film to be rubbish, arguing that "the third one is always bad" and that there's "no way" that it could be as good as The Dark Knight. well, i thought that there was no way that The Dark Knight could hve matched the excellence of Batman Begins, so that answers that one!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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