Sunday, April 22, 2012

DNS Changers and Black Outs, whatever they are

hi there

an interesting trick has apparently hit the internet. the thing that you use to connect to the net (broadly) has been "swiped" by some rogue elements on the net, and they are using your connectivity to register "hits" on sites to reap the advertising revenue income.

i don't think that this damages you in any way, but the FBI in closing down the rogue element's money generating servers with "clean" servers, ones that they are to close down in July. which would mean if your internet connection was one of the ones grabbed and you have not "fixed" your internet settings, then you will not be able to surf the web.

the above probably does not give the full story, but it should give you enough to know this might be an issue for you. it is rather easy to check and see if you are fine.

you can either click the title of this post to go to a checker site, which with some good fortune will give you an image like this one.

phew, i am fine! alternatively you can go to the site set up to warn and help people by clicking these words. it will give you all the info you need and the quick and easy way to fix it.

there is of course an alternate theory to the above. this problem, in the alternate theory, does not exist and this is all an elaborate ruse for the FBI to be able to track people. yeah, ok. people that paranoid probably should not be on the internet to begin with.

hope your computer and internet is free of this problem!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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