Wednesday, April 18, 2012

nice one, South African Airways, thanks.

hi there

i don't appear to be having the best of times on the road at present, really. if my car is not in a bad mood then it seems there's something or other on the streets that simply does not need to be there.

i actually thought that i was getting a lucky break on the roads today, taking some 30 minutes to travel all but one km from home to verk. sadly, that last 1km took just slightly more than 30 minutes!

the reason for the king of traffic jams, one that was even worse than when a petrol tanker blew up as i recall, is partially shown below.

that's a South African Airways truck proudly blocking off the road. i am assuming it's one carrying mail, going on it being nowhere near the airport yet reasonably close to one of the main mail sorting depots. which probably means my mail overseas has been delayed, cheers.

here's a closer look, if interested.

the problem was so bad that even the usually pathetic traffic service on the most self-serving, patronizing, condescending radio station in the world even mentioned it, which was a nice change as they tend to only report either imaginary traffic problems or purely issues which either affect their own staff's route or are not caused by their pointsmen project. a little more on the latter part later, but it's worth mentioning that this radio station is again the only one reporting on how many awards it won again at a recent ceremony, an award ceremony featuring a panel of judges that just happen to be current and former employees of the station, or otherwise employed by companies related to it. go figure.

as annoying as this truck was, it wasn't actually the full cause of the problem this morning. the honour must be shared with the traffic officers and pointsmen who for some reason thought it would be a good idea to see if they could make a bad decision a little worse.

you may note that in these pictures one lane looks empty.

well, the traffic that would be going that way, of which i was part, was stopped by these traffic gurus. it seems we were stopped so that they could fruitlessly wave on traffic attempting to get on to the road blocked by SAA (thanks, once again), causing an even bigger jam. no, i really have no idea why they would do this either.

still, if SAA had either proper trucks or proper drivers, they would not have been called upon to make the whole thing worse, i guess.

cheers for that, everyone involved. can't wait to see what the rest of the week brings!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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