Friday, April 13, 2012

the red shoes in April

Hi there

well, circumstances this morning saw me make an early morning trip to South Fork. what circumstances are those, you ask? i suppose it will not be all that much of a shock to learn that ill fate has bestowed its charms upong my car once again, but at least this time only to the extent of a faulty wire or plug or something.

it was fortunate that i got to call in, as i was to benefit from some wisdom from my Dad. other than giving me an example of a rather hefty, War & Peace sized dossier relating to measurements (don't ask), he also shared with me that he believes the red half shall be the triumphant one in the small matter of a big match on Saturday. remember where you read it if that's true.

whilst my car was busy getting a rather good plugging in the backside, i strolled the grounds of South Park and spotted, well, you know what i spotted assuming you saw the title of this post.

there they are, primed and ready to go. it is of course not everyone that leaves their shoes outside ready to use, with most of the world tending to keep them in the house. such an approach makes it a good deal easier to put on prior to going out - something particularly true in rain - but then again not everyone has quite the same approach or outlook as Dad does.

i trust that enthusiasts of my Dad and his beloved red shoes have enjoyed, if not appreciated, this update! should i not do much in the way of updates, have a splendid weekend, one and all!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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