Thursday, April 05, 2012

it's a long weekend, so of course.....

hi there

just as i was sat thinking that i hadn't done an update here for a bit, along comes an incident worth mentioning here. this week we've had a roads double whammy of a petrol price increase and a long weekend. the latter means that a lot of people are heading away for the weekend, the former means it costs a bit more to get there by car.

perfect timing, then, for dickheads like this to cause a traffic jam purely due to their ignorance and lack of ability to think.

sadly, and perhaps wisely for them, this truck has no Company logo on it. a great pity for me, as i would love to be able to name these clowns. outside of getting the truck stuck where it is, the pair of Einsteins inside have been trying to roll it back down, just looking out of the window to see if there is anything behind.

that's right, i said a pair. if they had an ounce of brain between them, one would get out and flag traffic to stop, whilst also guiding the truck down.

instead, we are just getting this ever longer traffic jam as a consequence.

with some luck and fortune these clowns will have been cleared out of the way before long.

not sure if i will be doing all that many updates over the long weekend, so just in case - have a most splendid Easter weekend!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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