Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wakkerstroom and beyond

hi there

oh dear, as soon as i had said no further warnings in my last post, the PC has just flashed up that "HA HA HA I AM GOING TO BLOW UP" sort of message again. best i work fast, or at the least click that "save draft" picture as i go along here.

Richard, Erika, Lyla and Ruby-Lee all recently made a very wise use of time, which involved heading down to the land where one can meet and greet Erika's wonderful family. not content with that, though, they also (apparently) when to a place called Wakkerstroom. no, i have no idea how you pronounce it either.

however one says Wakkerstroom doesn't matter, i suppose. the important thing is that it is presumably excellent, for Erika has made a class promo picture for the place.

a good deal of Erika's correspondence, as you may well guess from the above picture, conveys the view that food in Wakkerstroom is most excellent. it certainly looks that way, perhaps i should take a spin past there.

(oh dear, another warning that this PC shall blow up)

everyone certainly seemed to enjoy the meals served there, going on the many pictures i got!

nice to see Lyla help Ruby-Lee stay sort of clean as she eats many, many things in Wakkerstroom! and how do i know that Ruby-Lee ate many, many things there? well, this picture of her pointing at everything she wants is a bit of a clue!

that's Ruby-Lee's dear Ouma in the picture. a finer, nicer lady you would be hard pressed to find, really. except, i am contractually obliged to say, my mother-in-law of course.

moving on, and Richard enthusiasts will no doubt be thrilled to see this next picture of him doing some Coke, as it were, if not quite as thrilled by the outfit he is wearing.

i am no expert, but looking at how Richard is looking there, i think the element of surprise was employed to gain that picture!

if we could leave Wakkerstroom alone for the moment, if for no reason than i tire of typing the name, it is off to the farm for some pictures. and what better place to start that with that top, throroughly decent bloke, Erika's father Hein?

as for who that is with Hein, i am led to believe that the correct expression is that it is his "bud". i am not sure, a recent experiment in which i attempted to order a pizza in the language of Afrikaans did not go at all well, really.

the next few pictures from the farm are for those of you who lean towards the more exotic tastes in certain matters, to be honest. you will please observe that at no point did i explicitly state that these are mostly for the benefit of my brother-in-law, Grant.

and again, let me make it quite clear i did not suggest that i am putting this next picture of a young, freshly shaved lamb up here just for Grant.

many thanks for the pictures, Erika - presumably an extra big thanks from Grant!

well, that will do for now. i am going to sit here and kick my computer about a bit - you know, give it a good slap. see if that sorts it out.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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