Wednesday, April 11, 2012

new haircuts and bath time, apparently

hi there

well, what can i say but sorry, of if you are of a more casual mind "soz", for the lack of updates from the last few days. busy with Easter weekend, very busy with verk and very little time! a pity, really, as i intend to write a most confusing review for the Swedish original of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo at some point, just not today!

something remarkable happened over Easter. well, obviously not quite as remarkable as the events and circumstances which lead us to celebrate Easter, but remarkable for us all the same. the boys had a fuss free haircut. no crying, no fighting over who went first and no hassles. wow!

it has not been quite so easy to get a picture of them together with their haircuts, however. eventually i gave up asking for them to pose or sit together and just waited until they got in the bath!

yeah, i know that for some reason James is rather showing off his teeth than his haircut, but it was the best that i could do!

James also took a shine to the idea of showing off a toothbrush too!

i am not sure what goes into children's toothpaste but it must be pretty impressive and decent stuff. i dare not try it myself for fear of addiction, which is likely going on just how frequently a day these two wish to get their hands on toothpaste!

well, as you can sort of see, all is well on this side of the world with us! hope that wherever you are that all is cool, and with good fortune some more updates will follow soon!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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