Monday, April 16, 2012

quite possibly 39 years ago today....

hi there

Uncle Trevor has, for reasons that he would like to keep private at this moment in time (although i didn't say that they had nothing to do with any legal actions he may be taking), been going through some old pictures. well, pictures, i suppose. all pictures are old - how is it that he could go through future pictures, exactly?

actually, now that i think, Trevor can go through future pictures. as the picture you will see is 39 years old, it is of course impossible for it to feature Trevor at the age he is in it, as he is not even 39 years old himself yet. or so he tells everyone as and when his birthday rolls around. i think what i am cotractually obliged to say is that he is a sort of Merlin, or perhaps even Sam Tyler, type of figure, just travelling through time.

anyway, no matter what Uncle Trevor is up to with the mysteries of time and space distortion, here is the picture which, as you can see, could well have been taken some 39 years ago to the day today. look at the side.

that would be Uncle Trevor you can see, and i would be the baby in the picture. Trevor assures me that this was of my christening, which makes you think maybe it would have been a good idea to show the baby? never mind.

the two people who are not Trevor or myself in the picture are Brenda and Norman Herd, who are my godparents that are not Trevor. this picture is in front of our old home on Chestnut Drive. i write all of that to allow for google to bring here those who search for Brenda and/or Norman Herd looking for pictures or similar. if you are reading this because of that, delighted to help!

the astute and the more eagle eyed of you will notice something going on in the window there. have a look again above, or below if you want.

yes, that's right, it does seem that The King, Elvis Presley, was at my christening, helping himself (as you would expect) to some food.

only it isn't The King, Elvis Presley. that's my Gramps, sporting thick black hair and very Elvis-ish sideburns. as for the lady being reflected in the window, in what appears to be a blue suit, that could well be Grandma Lilly. i seem to recall seeing pictures of her in a similar suit. or it could well be my Great-Grandma. or Grandma Nellie.

well, that's a nice thing to do a blog update with! many thanks indeed to Uncle Trevor for thinking of me and sending the picture on!

good luck with the rest of the pictures!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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