Tuesday, April 24, 2012

so, Sky Net has become self aware......

hi there

well, as hinted at in my previous post, my machine seems to have become self aware to the extent that it seems to know there is something wrong with it. as it is still working despite the dire warnings it is giving, i thought for the novelty factor i would give you a look at the dire warning it is giving.

i have had a go at mending it, without hammer nor any other twatting device. to this end, i ran Windows self-fixing thing, figuring that the machine could surely fix itself since it knows what the problem is and, as per the screenshot, is keeping it to itself. physician, heal thine self is the saying, is it not?

anyway, the Windows "find and fix", despite taking quite some time, decided against fixing itself. a bit like HAL at this stage, really. before reaching for a big stick (i have a most splendid axe handle within my reach), i took the time to read the information Windows condescened to share. this was to an extent revelatory, as it advised me to check out the inter web net site of the manufacturer of the hard disk drive. this i did.

at the site of the makers i was greeted with a grand pronunciation from them, stating that "2 out of every 3" hard drives returned to them are actually fine, and can be fixed in but a moment with their class software. i thus downloaded their class software, and found that "but a moment" was in fact to be several hours.

before heading off to verk, i set the software off then, setting it to "long" rather than "quick", and instructing it to fix everything it found to be unacceptable. i then headed off for a productive day at verk, taking the hard disk manufacturer at their word and hoping i would not be one out of three.

that said, i took the trouble to contact the chap at the Difference Engine Calculating Machine shop to get some prices on cloning the existing drive onto a shiny new one and installing it. the figure he quoted made me whince, yes, but not weep like the recent car bills. the gent claimed that "hard drives often get fixed by his hands magically", so i should take it in for him to have a gander should the software not fix it up.

i returned from work and excitedly switched the monitor, hoping to find all well and at one in the universe. alas, the word FAIL appeared no less than twice next to the results of whatever it did with itself during the day. i am imagining this is MicroSoft / Hard Disk Manufacturer / Sky Net / HAL / Bishop Out Of Aliens speak for "FUBAR". bugger.

off to the Difference Engine Calculating Machine repair man it will go then, to see if his magic hands, or perhaps a bottle of gin and a hack saw, can't sort it all out. i would suspect that i will not be happy with the cost of just replacing, but in the long run all research suggests get a new "HDD" put in and be done with it.

ho hum.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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