Sunday, April 01, 2012

the future of modern computing

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at present computers as we know them are little more than toys. we use them to post irrelevant things on social networks and "blogs", play games on them and indeed i am led to believe some people also use them to illegally obtain all sorts of material. i am not sure how long the novelty factor of any of that shall last. will the computer survive, though, when the novelty has worn off? it looks like yes it shall.

it appears that massive strides, in particular for travellers in time, are being taken to try and implement computers in the business world. it seems an outlandish idea, but perhaps there's something to it.

take a look, for instance, at this advert for a most excellent machine called the Tandy 2000.

wow! that looks like it could bring about a revolution in the workplace! i am not at all sure about the "Windows" thing it mentions catching on, but look at the dashboard of the machine! the red eye looks like HAL900 out of 2001 A Space Odyssey! that would certainly inspire me to do some work!

i was not to sure, looking at the above, that having a rather poor, nerdy sort of chap in the advert was all that brilliant a selling point until i saw this next advert.

it seems having one of these machines is very much like owning a babe magnet. and why would it not be? having a floppy disc drive and a tape deck is as cutting edge as you can get. i am not sure why exactly one would need a whole 16 bits, though. seems excessive?

i am on the record as being very much anti-laptop. they are too small and fiddly, prone to breaking down and impossible to repair. plus, if they give you one of them at verk, it's because they want you to work outside of office hours with it, invariably for free.

if i can get my hands on one of the below, though, this stance of mine might change.

that's excellent! a telephone built right into a proper keyboard! no current model offers anything like this, as far as i am aware. an added bonus is that you can put a cup of coffee, an ashtray or possibly both on top of the monitor - try doing that with one of these rubbish "slimline" things available at present.

with computers somehow turning into business machines rather than toys there will, of course, be a requirement for them to be a good deal faster than present if these machines wish to compete with the human mind, or perhaps an abacus. some clever people have thought of that and already have a way to make your computer faster.

16KB RAM! never! and all on an easy to install card the size of an A3 sheet of paper? i am not sure too many saw advances like this being made. Donkey Kong must look and run excellent on a machine with one of these RAM cards in!

if businesses are going to be persuaded to use computers in the workplace then they are going to need guarantees of being able to store vast sums of data. more data, believe it or not, than you could get on a box of floppy discs or a 90 minute tape (using both sides). fear not, that is covered too.

this is like Star Trek stuff, man. are we really in a world where if you give someone $US20,000 they will, within 30 days, deliver something to you - no bigger than a conventional car - that will store an entire 300MB data? that's astonishing. on that note, if someone wants something similar in terms of data space - for the same price but delivered even faster - let me know.

looking at the above developments, the mind boggles as to just what else they will do to improve computers next.

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