Monday, April 02, 2012

the family curse continues

hi there

well, it seems there are some things that one cannot escape from. a habit or proclivity apparently strikes down generation after generation in some families. this is certainly what is happening in our family in respect of those Terry's Chocolate Orange things.

James was wondering what exactly they are all about, seeing how his Grandad and his Auntie Gillian seem hopeless slaves to the wretched things. i tempted a noted degree of fate and got him one to see what he thought of it.

he was, it has to be said, impressed with the lavish if somewhat complicated wrapping on it. i have to admit that they are presented in a rather pleasing on the eye way, my main issue is with the taste of them. they are, quite frankly, not for me.

that should not, however, mean that they then cannot be for James.

as it turns out, he was "sort of" impressed with it. he had three slices all at once, if that's an indication of his approval!

however, when he was offered another piece of it later he declined, which was interesting. does he not like them after all, or is he fighting the temptation to have more? only the future will tell, since the past has no direct answers for him.

i do know, however, that if he does not eat the rest of it, we can expect a visit from Grandad who will no doubt come along and finish the job!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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