Thursday, December 18, 2014

new mug from my deathbed

hello there

well, so long as this ends in a relatively cohesive way and not abruptly, i am not quite dead, then. this man flu thing is certainly taking its toll, however, and i do expect my demise to be at some point in the future, rather than the past, look you see.

it could well, dear reader, be the case that my imminent demise is still far off. there are a few signs to this extent. firstly, and of great importance, is that i seem able and adept to rather enjoy a cigarette once more. another is that i have a most splendid new mug from which to quaff beverages.

yes indeed, it's a mug that carries upon it images of one of my all time favourite bands of all time, the much magnificent One Direction. which is my favourite 1Der? it has to be Harry, for he was kind enough to write his name clearly on the mug. I can't read the others. I think one starts with a J, one with an N and maybe one of them has a L. if there is a fifth member of the band, i have no idea what letter he thinks he starts his name with.

favourite One D song? tough call, really, as obviously i go right ahead and do a lot of girlie, nancy boys screaming and squelching whenever they are on the radio and someone alerts me to the fact that it is my top, top band on. that one they do where they say how happy they are they know that girl is quite smart.

is it not, you ask, the case that i purchased this mug because it was cheap? no. i am not so fancy, so la-de-dah and bourgeois that i view £1 as cheap or an amount easily thrown away on a mug. this purchase is a sign of my long term commitment to the excellence of the band McBusted.

the sense of imminent death from manflu, a disease which is pretty much like being hit on the head with a hammer what has got ebola sellotaped or welded to it, is no doubt accentuated - or if you like enhanced - by the dark days we have right now. here i am at about 7:20am this morning.

it stayed dark until sometime after 9am, went all slightly grey for a moment, and the world returned to darkness at around 2pm. terribly depressing, English winters without snow are, always were and always shall be. but we get on with it, look you see.

actually, looking a the above, excusing that yes i am no pretty picture to behold i am thinking that i should also get a smart One Direction beanie to wear on my travels. i would look smart with one, i believe. i shall, if time permits, browse the relevant retailers tomorrow and see if i can't arrange to get one.

meanwhile, if you are wondering how i am for keyrings at the moment, the answer is very well indeed, thank you. here are some that the boys made for me.

well, i suppose it is the truth to say that they made them for my (considerably) better half and i. but you know what i mean, surely. self-portraits them pictures are, and it shows that they are far, far better at drawing than me. nice one.

back to the mug, then, to finish off. i know a few of you will be getting excited about the idea of me having a new mug at verk, hoping for a return to posts rather like this one and this one and this one and of course this one, but alas no. things are somewhat more restrained here in the workplace. but it was nice having a look at those posts again, some very fond and happy memories.

but now, of course, it is time for me to forge new memories with my new mug.

what have i used the mug for thus far? i had one of them hot lemon things earlier, and then i washed it out a bit and made one of those horrid, if not rancid, Nestle 3 in one coffee tube things in it. here, hang on, let me see if i can get a picture off of one of them.

that's the stuff, bloody horrible it is; sh!t even. that you get seven (7) of them for £1 probably tells you all you need to know of the quality of coffee, sugar and powdered milk in it.

but then yeah, drinking it from my smart new 1D mug did make it all seem to taste better.

anyway, i am off to do one of them hot lemon things or something.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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