Monday, December 22, 2014

commercial Christmas

hello there

Christmas is here once again, so let's all have some fun....and those in the know are aware of how to finish that one off, look you see.

our, as in my (considerably) better half and i, Christmas business is done and dusted, with the mere matter of wrapping to be attended to, presumably soon. this, however, proved in itself to be no barrier at all to be deciding to indulge in one or two gifts for myself, and if they are to be passed off as Christmas presents to myself well then so be it.

what, another Boba Fett? oh hell yes, in particular as it was for some reason priced at £10 in the shop i spotted it in. for some reason online everywhere has this one for at least £15 but usually £20, playing up to the fact that Boba Fett things are usually the hardest ones to find despite being in relatively high demand from fans. yes, i know not everyone likes Boba, but there are more people who want a Boba Fett toy than, say, a Jar Jar one. or a young Anakin.

i have no doubt at all that, now Disney owns him and his helmet, Boba Fett stuff will become far more widely available. in the mean time, though, onwards to another investment that i made.

yes, another edition of those Uncanny Tales like comics that i remember so fondly from my youth. i have a few more on the way too. well, it's Christmas and that, thought i would treat myself.

this edition of Alan Class, alas, turned out to be not so great, featuring as it did mostly some secret organization battling someone or other who have the shady acronym SPIDER as a name. it was OK, but i prefer the more Twilight Zone stories in them. which, hopefully, i will get in the next order. still, glad to have this one, thanks.

how is my man flu going? still there, alas, and still terminal. i am soldiering, or if you like plodding, along, though, and trust that you and the world appreciate the sacrifice.

back to Boba Fett? certainly. here's the back of the box.

for those who catalogue and collect this sort of information, the box on the back seems to have some sort of specially printed, perhaps unique number on it. mine is number 42721 if that is of any interest or use to you; best i state that now before the box is torn open and i play with the Boba Fett. and, i suppose, the stormtrooper that is in the box.

there was an unpaid for and unsolicited present at verk today, by the way. during afternoon break, a point at which i yet again commendably failed miserably at quitting smoking, i and a few others who had failed were treated to a show of some members of the constabulary trying to address the needs of two - let us be honest here - tramps that the sauce appeared to have got the better of.

mildly entertaining it was, really. at one stage one of the tramps simply biffed the other and chased him off. the remaining tramp seemed to engage the members of the constabulary in some sort of conversation. he, possibly mid-sentence, got rather bored with it and opted to just stagger off, leaving the coppers to it.

quite a rare sight, that was, during the day. it is, however, something that one suspects happens rather frequently during evening hours down town.

another image of Boba Fett? oh, go on then.

yes, indeed he is still in the box right now. i shall not, however, be doing that "collector" thing. it is a toy, after all, and a class one at that. soon Boba Fett shall be freed from the plastic casing and played with. i will do my best to remember to take pictures of that when it happens.

right, i believe me and my man flu are not too far off from retiring for the evening. i leave you, then, with the hope that you have liked the Boba Fett images as much as i have.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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