Wednesday, December 03, 2014

trees and frost

hi there

blimey, i have managed to keep the post count up this month thus far. it will not last, look you see, but i am sure that the three of you who read this (according to Steve, the internet king) won't mind too much.

the content of this post, for those of you reading, is pretty much what it says on the box, or if you like the title up there. some trees and some frost for you. nothing too much of great excitement, but one or two of you may well like what you see.

first off, then a tree. yes, a Christmas one, since we are at this time of year.

i would like to think the location of this one is rather familiar to a number of you. if it's a place you have not seen for a fair while and this brings back some memories, well, happy days!

the lights and that on it are far more impressive than my blueberry camera phone thingie would have you believe. this picture was taken at some point after 8, when, as you can surely see, the sun and fragments of blue sky were with us.

is it somewhat cold here momentarily? why yes it is. -3, i believe, was where it was "at" earlier this morning as i went about my business. which leads nicely to this picture, taken a good hour or so prior to the one above. hope you like the Memento affect of this post, on that note. 

every car i walked past this morning was touched by the cold. here is ours, and as you can see our (ahem) "full windscreen cover" thing off of the AA is a resounding partial success.

sure, it does not cover the whole windscreen, but my (considerably) better half assures me that the parts that it does cover are ice and frost free when she takes it off. if it were me, i would probably just drive with it on and stick my head out of the window from time to time.

i am unsure if what we are experiencing at the moment is frosty ice or icy frost, to be honest. in either instance it is indeed challenging. but also enhancing the nice Christmas feeling.

as, indeed, is the presence of many Christmas trees. here, for your viewing pleasure, is another located around town. this one was taken this very evening, some 4 or so hours ago.

a most impressive, and neatly lined up, set of lights on that one there, i think you will find.

and that's that for this post, folks. if anyone reading around the world sends me images of their Christmas stuff, i will but surely post them here. so long, of course, as they are of a nature suitable for a universal audience.

i hope that wherever you are, you are keeping warm or it is just warm in general.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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