Monday, December 22, 2014

soundtrack by Payney

hi there

well, something of an unusual day today vibe-wise, look you see, but a very happy use of the world unusual. the soundtrack for my travels on the bus, or if you like dans le bus, came in the form of two albums my - and yes i am contractually obliged to call him this - good friend John got me for Christmas. nice one, man.

what albums were they that he got me? two that i had no idea at all what they were before i played them. had not heard of the artists involved or, perhaps consequentially, the albums themselves. still, if he who is best known around the globe as Payney reckoned that i would like them, that was good enough for me, so it was with some excitement that i got them ready to play on the pod of i today.

speaking of excitement, i dare say one or two of you would like to see a picture of me with the near-mythical, almost legendary Payney. well, you probably want to see a picture of him, at the least, and can push yourself to tolerating me being present in it. 

yeah. i do indeed have my Eat Sleep Rave Repeat t-shirt on, as you are aware this is now my way of life and so i wear it to all important events. why do i have only a short sleeved t-shirt on during a very English winter? well, we were in John's house, and his sexuality is of such a magnitude that it always makes everything hot.

on to the albums, then. i started my day off listening to On And On by Syd Arthur, which is the one below with the somewhat less controversial cover.

what's it like? very smart, as it happens. the best way i can describe it is as being a sort of 60s style psychedelic folk vibe blended to perfection with the finer moments from a journey into jazz.

any particular highlights, you ask? in truth the whole thing flowed really, really well. at times it reminded me of Forever Changes by Love, although i am not going to sit here and say it's quite as good as that legendary album. the band certainly has the potential to be, and they are on the right track.

on the bus home this evening, then, it was time for the one with the somewhat more interesting cover art. i suspect that Payney bought me the CD on the basis of the cover alone, and cared not for what the music on the album sounded like.

as it turns out, it sounds pretty good indeed. Endless Flowers, it's called, by an outfit called Crocodiles.

some of you may well have worked this out from the cover and the name of the album, but if not the sound of the album is very much what one would call trippy hippy flower power stuff. not a bad thing to have a listen to every now and then.

actually, it's perhaps a little bit more of an ambitious album than i might have led you to believe. there's a certain psychedelic element to it too, for sure, and it has a cheeky borrow of some of the more ear pleasing moments of, oddly, the long forgotten industrial movement of the 90s.

i really like the vocalist too. not sure if that's him on the cover.

both albums shall certainly get played again, which i suppose is as conclusive a review as i can give!

many thanks for the vibes, then, John! i trust you have got equal or greater enjoyment from yours!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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