Tuesday, December 02, 2014

spiros return parcel

hi there

yeah, i am pretty sure you are quite tired of seeing and reading of Spiros and parcels here, look you see. there has been little but that on this blog of late. however, as Spiros was kind and considerate enough - if not in that order - to send me a parcel, i thought it only fair to bring you news of it.

yes, as you can see, he decided to "jazz up" the box he sent with some things for the postman to read. as the postman was greeted by me wearing nothing but a towel to take this off him and sign for it, there can be little doubt that he was perfectly happy to believe that what it said was in the box was very much in the box.

as it turns out, perhaps sadly, there is no such thing as a blow up He Man thingie in the parcel. what was in it? we shall get to that just now, but for the moment allow me to share with you the image that Spiros shared with me of him enjoying some of his parcel.
i cam assure you that this is indeed the ankle and calf of Spiros, modelling one of them Simpsons socks that i got him.

Spiros does indeed reckon he has a most splendid ankle and calf combination, and is delighted when a lady, or a gent of a particular persuasion, takes the time to consider it and pass a pleasant comment.

do these socks make him look like a lesser former drummer out of Kiss, that being the look to which he aspires? not for me to say, really, as i am not in the business of looking at the feet of other gents. Spiros probably feels that this is how he looks, and that is all that counts.

as for the peripheral, or if you like secondary, elements to this picture, i can assure you that what you see is very much what you get. the plug and extension cord festival, for instance, is in all likelihood indirectly my fault. i did, after all, send him a number of new fuses, and he will have been keen to see them weave their conductive magic, or whatever it is a fuse does. as for them shoes, yes, no laces. he had a rather unfortunate incident not so long ago which involved a rather burly sailor mentioned to him that his laces were undone. what happened next, according to Spiros, was somewhat predictable and not as enjoyable as he had imagined.

as for what the rest of Spiros looks like, you can find him in and around this blog, or you can just look at the Tin Tin doll i got him, in the blog post from yesterday.

onwards to the parcel that Spiros sent me in such a way that i had to sign for it whilst only a towel protected my modesty off of the eyes of the postie.

you can mostly see the contents there, but clarification is in the next one. whereas i do not have all that much of an interest in the things he has sent me, rather unwittingly he has presented me with things that people in my life will find of great interest.

the DVD of the fine film Prick Up Your Ears, for instance. whereas it was a truly epic performance in it by the great, and nowhere near celebrated enough, Alfred Molina, i happen to know someone who is a big Gaz Oldman fan and does not have this disc. they say thank you, Spiros.

i am not sure what exactly to do with the Barcelona stationery set, but i will find some use for it. i am sure that it will be very handy if i am ever required to write or measure something in a more Catalan way than has been par for the course in my life thus far.

otherwise, Spiros assures me that the Zoo Lake Bowling Club card will be a great way for me to meet men, and i am as mystified as you are about the picture of what seems to be a schoolboy. perhaps it is his Scandinavian houseboy, who knows.

many, many thanks indeed for the boss parcel, Spiros. it is a greatly appreciated gesture full of some awesome literature about Gatwick, or some other such London airport.

i doubt that the next thing i write here will be related to the post, but you never know.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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