Wednesday, December 24, 2014

boba, bongo and bread

hello there

well, this is undoubtedly my last post prior to Christmas, so all the best and all of that stuff, look you see. i trust that all is splendid and well with you wherever you may be.

and what would be the reason for this post? none in particular really, except to bring together a few images that may, or indeed may not, be of interest to some if not all of you. and, in the season of goodwill, where would one start other than with Boba Fett?

oh yes, he - and the stormtrooper he was bundled with for no apparent reason - are free of their packaging and are merrily being played with.

how are they? quite smart, really. for added awesomeness, Boba fits perfectly into one of several Batmobile toys we have. Boba Fett blended with Batman is indeed, i am happy to report, as awesome and as brilliant as it sounds. imagine a Boba Fett and Batman "crossover" movie. they could both stand around, in silence and all moody, randomly freezing people.

verk has, as it happens, finished for the year. yay, bit of a holiday for me then, dear reader. i had this idea that for some reason you might want one final image from the year of me stood outside the much celebrated, partially loved Bongo, so here you go.

that is in fact mostly the winds of the weather pushing my hair back than it is any sort of styling decision made by me to make it look like that, but i suspect you knew this.

will there be similar images to the above from me throughout 2015? i would certainly hope so.

onwards, then, to the present day today. i had a request to take an image of the tree of Christmas that is present within the village and post it here, so this is what i have done. although, now that i look at it and consider the matter, it might not have been all that bright an idea for me to have done this during the more daylight of hours today. 

it is a tree that, to me, serves its purpose. several others have, however, expressed degrees of dissatisfaction with it. the gale force winds of some considerable strength that we have had of late has not been an event which has enhanced the tree and its appearance, shall we say. when the wind picks up one does get a fearful feeling of it falling over.

it is remotely possible that my travels will see me go past it during darker hours. if i do this, and i remember, i shall certainly take a picture of it in all its glory, which is to say one in which the lights are far more accentuated and visible.

with verk being finished the boss took us all off to the fanciest restaurant in town as a year end thanks, which was a brilliant gesture. it was a place i had seen and always fancied going to.

i was not at all let down by it, as the food was amazing. what did i have? balti mushroom and paneer. it was class, it was. also i had loads of the finest naan bread i have ever tasted, which was brought to us on these big massive spikes.

would i go again? for sure, as they say in Sweden, for sure. i would very much like to take my (considerably) better half along so she can enjoy it. off we shall go, then, when we have secured a suitable date on the calendar when someone can kindly babysit for us.

who is the young lad rather distracting from the class bread in the above picture? we shall get to him a little later. in the mean time, it seems that somewhere in Europe someone is planning on opening up a rather class, indeed smart, Stones store. 

where and when? not sure, alas, sorry, but all the same that looks pretty class and thus i thought it would be a good idea to post it here.

more of Boba Fett and the stormtrooper that was in the same package as him? sure, why not.

a very wise and most agreeable purchase, this new Boba Fett was. as per previous posts, now that Disney own all that Star Wars stuff i imagine we can expect loads and loads of Boba stuff being shoved on the shelves for sale. most happy day.

right, back to that young lad. he is one of our cadets at verk, called Calvin or something like that. here he is doing some very smart colouring in whilst waiting for whatever it was on the kids menu that he ordered for himself to eat.

no, he is not really like the scandinavian houseboys that Spiros hires. he is actually a very class lad, good at his job and we are very glad to have him on board with us.

back to today, then, and i took a stroll around the village with the boys. well, you know this, for you saw the magnificent picture of the most certainly placed tree i took. i tried to take some pictures of the boys on our walk, with fair to middling results.

 there was some intention to look towards me in fairness, but that did not quite work out all that well. they did somewhat better in the next one, though.

and that's about that for this post. my day began far earlier that i had intended it to, i still have some of that wrapping business to attend to and i am somewhat tired.

whatever you are celebrating for the remainder of this week and most of next, i hope you enjoy!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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