Sunday, December 21, 2014

Merry Christmas, Mr Lomax

hi there

i am still not 100% sure who or what a Jack Tweed is, look you see. i am fairly sure he is someone who is famous for being married to someone that no one liked until they were dead, and then everyone agreed that they all really did in fact like her.

why am i troubling myself with him, whoever he is, then? because he featured - on page three no less - of a newspaper i was handed today. here, here you go, have a look.

it seems that he is really rather keen to go back to that prison place where he has been before. oh dear.

this, somewhat obviously perhaps, brought to mind for me the last time i read a newspaper and it featured the story of this bloke going off to prison. for that you will have to go back to September 2009, which you can do by clicking this link. if you are interested.

yes, that's right, if you clicked that link, you will have been whisked away to the world of Al "Randy" Lomax, who was very eager indeed to make friends with the incarcerated Mr Tweed.

as that article from 2009 says, with a wording that is rather more direct than it is, say, articulate, it is highly unlikely that Mr Lomax will ever be a free man.

i can only assume, then, that this Tweed fellow will be, in a very real sense, reunited with a former cellmate, or if you like sparring partner.

i am guessing that this is a set of events, if not circumstances, which shall make Spiros very happy indeed. Spiros, as you might expect, is fascinated with the story of Al Lomax; fascinated perhaps to the point of obsession. whilst the new news article about this Tweed bloke makes no reference to him meeting Lomax in prison again, it will be exactly what Spiros will have thought of - perhaps hoped for - when he saw it.

i am pretty sure many of you would like to see Al Lomax once more but really are not of a mind to click on that link, so here you go, i have put that original article here for you again.

yes, i would agree with you that this is not at all the most Christmas like thing i could be posting this late into December, but i don't control the news.

best of luck, if required or appropriate, Mr Tweed. i a sure Randy Al will be thrilled to see you once more, assuming you manage to secure a booking at the same prison.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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