Monday, December 15, 2014

does the Disney Infinity 1.0 original game disc work with the 2.0 base on an Xbox 360?

hi there

a strange title for a post, granted. it is a question, however, that i am sure i am far from alone in asking of the world via the internet. oddly, i had found no clear cut answer to it. therefore, i spent and i experimented to find the answer for myself and have decided to share my findings.

the answer is yes, yes it does. if you purchase the Infinity 2.0 starter set for the Xbox 360, with Iron Man and all that in it, you can use the original game disc from Infinity 1.0 and still play the Pirates Of The Caribbean, Incredibles and Monsters Inc games off of them. so long as you have the characters and the game piece.

if you don't have the disc then no, you cannot play the games with the characters and 2.0 disc.

i figured that this would be the case as the base was just basic hardware, but it was baffling that no one could give me that straightforward an answer across the internet.

i would imagine, of course, that Disney quite like the idea of people buying a new base for 2.0. which, in fairness, they have to, since 1.0 owners cannot, at this stage, buy the 2.0 software alone. from my side, i bought the 2.0 starter set, found the 1.0 software pre-owned at Game and then found the figures from that starter set over on ebay, or if you like the bay of e, look you see.

right, with that out of the way, some random things.

well, almost out of the way - hope the above information has helped someone or other know what they need to know!

this is a guitar, ladies and gents. what is? that picture to the side. it is a guitar, i am reliably informed, that was brought onboard a vehicle of public transport by a student. a student that was also carrying a laptop bag and one of them big massive backpack things.

it seems that these days students are obliged to carry a combination of laptop, big massive backpack and large musical instrument with them whenever they board a vehicle purpose designed and built for public transport.

i don't get it, really i don't. for what reason is it that they need to take all three with them all the time? can they not be computer people or musical people? and do they have to do both every single day at whatever educational facility it is they are attending? as far as i am aware, most successful musicians did not go to music school to be that; they rather went off and did gigs and rehearsals and all of that sort of thing.

anyway, coffee. i bought a tin of some coffee i had not tried before, and to date have still not tried. here is a picture of it for you.

why did i buy it? as i think you can see, the tin it is in is shiny. i like shiny things, shiny things make everything all better. also, it was on special. i think it was, at least. i mean, i have no idea what it usually costs, so am not at all sure that the price i paid for it did in fact represent a decent deal.

what did i pay for it? can't remember, and the receipt is probably in the bin.

anyway, that will do for now.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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