Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas viewing

hello there

well, i am sure you can understand the lack of updates from this time of the year - it's a period for spending with family, friends and indeed the television. i have a small, short opportunity to post some stuff, or if you will nonsense, for you, dear reader.

what was, in many respects, the televisual highlight of my festive season? why, look you see, Bullseye. they had an awful lot of Bullseye on, and i watched just about as much of it as i could handle.

yes, that's right, it was all proper episodes of it too, featuring Jim Bowen. observe, if you will, the most magnificent decorations in the background of that picture. it is the presence of those decorations which signify that, according to Bullseye, it is indeed Christmas.

it would be quite tiresome for you all, i imagine, if all i did here was post loads of pictures that i took of the television whilst Bullseye was on. it is, if we are honest, probably quite tiresome for you to read this blog at the very best of times anyway. let me make some sort of heartfelt if likely to be destined to fail effort to bring some elements of further interest.

like, for instance, the windscreen of our wheels on our indeed around mid-day today. 

yes, that's right, frosty ice, or if you like icy frost. no, we have not fallen to the snow as such as yet, but this is a clear calling card that announces we can expect it soon. the 75% of my family which you all actually like are very much looking forward to this. me? not so much, really. i have lived through it before, and tend to not consider the idea of it as being as brilliant and as sensational as they imagine it will be.

back to television? sure. when i left England, many years ago, Channel 5 was a company, or if you like outfit, that specialised in video tapes that you bought to watch at home. in my absence, a TV channel has emerged which calls itself channel 5, or maybe just 5.

anyway, for Christmas Day night, which i think you might call Christmas Night in some parts of the world, they had a most smart Chas N Dave special on, originally recorded and broadcast in 1982. did i watch it in 1982? no, for i was not in England then either, i was in Australia. or somewhere similar.

happy days, then, that i could at long last see this special that i had no previous knowledge or idea that it even existed.

sure, on one level you can say that a Chas N Dave Christmas special now, as it did then, emphasised if not illustrated the major problem in British society - that mass communication was and indeed is controlled by London, and done so in an isolationist, insular way, in which only things of London were presented. the thinking, perhaps mindset, was that there were only two types of people in the UK - those in London and those that wished to be in or of London.

you could, however, take a different level all together and simply enjoy it as a good old fashioned sing-song by two jolly decent cockney lads. i went with this level, but respect the fact that many will have gone for the other one. hey ho.

i do not remember if i posted this picture before, but if i did here it is again, since a year ago today we were all sat something like this for several hours on a plane.

yes, a year ago today we were flying to what is now for all of us home. has the year gone fast or slow? it has gone at its own pace. i will possibly, if time permits, do one of them "one year on" posts tomorrow, although in reality you can if interested just go through this blog and see aspects of the year as it has been i suppose.

the important thing, which is well worth bearing in mind if i am prone to waffle and sentiment about it tomorrow, is that it has been good, very good in fact, and long may it continue.

back to Bullseye, you ask? sure, why not here is another Christmas edition they had on yesterday.

i know that most of you will be all excited and a little Australian about the presence of Roy Hull and Emu in the above. i would ask you, however, to have a gander at the sensational wardrobe Jim Bowen selected for this special edition. mostly, though, i would suggest you focus on the superb magnificence of Eric Bristow.

yes, that is indeed the crafty cockney, Mr Bristow. i think he's supposed to be dressed as one of them pearly king type of people London is known and celebrated for. i think, however, he does a really passable job of looking like the leatherman out of the Village People, or indeed a patron of that fine bar the Blue Oyster, as seen in them Police Academy movies.

anyway, that's been it for TV and beyond thus far. more later!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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