Tuesday, December 30, 2014

icy pictures

hi there

very little to do with me, look you see, this post. my (considerably) better half remains all excited, indeed giddy, about this ice and snow business. a consequence of this has been her going off with her phone camera thing and taking some pictures.

as she was so kind as to mail them on to me, i thought i would post them here for those interested in such things.

yes, i know what you are thinking. indeed, my (considerably) better half is, well, considerably better than me at taking pictures and that. she also, it would seem, has a considerably better camera phone thing, or if you like phone camera thing. except hers seems to go through an awful lot more cases, or if you like pouches, than mine does, i will have you know.

funnily enough, looking at the statue in the picture above, we have Doctor Who on the TV here right now. but not an episode that features them scary, spooky angels. so blink away, i guess.

if you like the above picture then you are probably going to really like the next one too.

yeah, sorry, not a lot to say at the moment - just letting these pictures do their thing for you!

well, there you go. many, many thanks indeed to my (considerably) better half for sending them along, and well done on getting some truly ace images!

my usual rubbish shall no doubt return soon, but i trust you have all, for the most part, enjoyed a more artsy, proper and worthwhile blog post!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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