Thursday, December 11, 2014

a gift from Spiros

hi there

yeah, i know, scary - nearly a week, look you see, without any reference to Spiros here, or the Spiros if you prefer to call him that. actually it might be even longer than a week since i mentioned him. i am not checking; you are very welcome to.

curious, if not bad, postal services seem to follow me, alas. the plight of the South African Post Office, where staff are for some reason expected to work for the money they get paid and thus get upset and strike, has been well documented here and elsewhere. Royal Mail, who i have spent nearly a year singing the praises of, seem to have noticed this and adopted it as part of the "new way".

no, they are not on strike as such. more of a "go slow". 1st Class mail, which was once next day delivery, is currently 2 (or so) days; 2nd Class mail, which was normally 2 but could be 3 days, is now a minimum of 4 days. they will no doubt blame it nearly being Christmas for this; always naughty of Christmas to sneak up on them and take them by surprise instead of being a fixed element of the calendar every single f*****g year.

i know the above because my mail has become all delayed, as was the case with this rather fine item received, somewhat late, off of Spiros.

 yes, indeed Spiros has sent me a voucher off of them at Sainsburys, the shop i believe he has made his top choice of proprietor. i think this came about after he got banned off of Asda after an incident with lager or something like that.

this could, by the way, be my final blog post, dear readers. yes, both of you. i am suffering with a cold, or if you like 'manflu', and am composing this pretty much from my death bed. how ill am i? in my imagination it is a combination of swine flu, bird flu, pneumonia, ebola, something what the Americans are going to make up as a chemical weapon and use it as an excuse to go to war with someone in the next ten years, duck flu and scurvy. it's pretty bad. but never mind, if this is a final post, what a one to bow out on!

yeah, many of you will have seen the value of the voucher off of Spiros for Sainsburys already, but here is a close up.

indeed, 1p. even (delayed) second class, it cost him some 1000%, give or take, more to post it to me than it is worth, which in fairness is a magisterial celebration and valuation of our friendship that he would undertake such a thing for me.

will i be using the voucher? alas, no. i am unaware of a Sainsburys anywhere near me, and from what i recall of the place it is rather too feminine, delicate and fancy for my tastes. but, as i said, the thought, indeed the gesture, is very much appreciated. nice one Spiros, cheers man.

i don't think it is too clear on these pictures, but the expiry date for this voucher just so happens to be 21st of December. that is, as many of you will agree, one of the best dates on the calendar itself - top 3%, easy.

anyway, back to my death bed i go, dear reader.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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