Saturday, December 06, 2014


hello there

should it snow here this December, dear reader, it would not be that much of a shock, surely. i mean, here in the realm of the northern hemisphere (unless the "magnetic north" has flipped or something), snow is expected at Christmas, look you see. actually, i am not sure that's the case - i seem to recall reading somewhere or other that in the last 100 years the Bing Crosby dream of a white Christmas has only happened 7 times. or maybe 8.

that said, there was talk of snow being somewhat possible this weekend. if it fell, it did so away from my notice and further did so in a way that it did not lay. this is not, however, to say that the crispness of the cold of the season has not touched the earth at all. far from it.

this was somewhere a little after 9:30 in the morning, after i had conducted some business matters at the post office (hi Dad, yes something on the way), whereas this is not the best quality picture, i believe that it reveals the sun has not graced us with a temperature which would melt away this icy frost by this time. that's something of an indicator that this quiet corner of the globe is getting ready to accept snow.

yeah, i know - for the more general reader of this blog there will be something of a sense of "harumph", for any weather anywhere in the world is recorded on the internet it seems. well, this is more for friends and family around the world who wish to see some familiar places and, indeed, see me in snow.

downwards through the village with my travels, and along past the beck. this picture, perhaps, better shows off the frost on the grass for you, since i was a good deal closer to it. 

has this flowing water ever frozen over, you ask, dear reader? oh goodness yes it has. not sure if it will get all so cold enough to do that this year, but hard to gauge. i do wonder where the ducks all go when that happens. should we get the stream frozen over for us to have a gander at, i will do my best to remember to investigate this.

further on down the stream, then - and indeed on the safer side of the road to walk - i managed to snap a picture of what shows the sun trying its best to get out a bit and help the surface of the earth shed some of this frost. nice one sun, cheers. 

the sun did have some success in this respect, for by midday, or if you will noon, most of the ice and frost or whatever you want to call it had in fact cleared. which made walking around somewhat less of a slippery experience in a footing sense.

and, as my travels took me past it, it would have been so very wrong of me not to take a picture of the church and the memorial on this fine, crisp winter morning.

as i mentioned above, as we went into afternoon the frost had all but gone from our life. i have, as it happens, just a moment ago stepped outside to successfully fail all ambition in respect of quitting / cutting down considerably on this smoking business and have observed that the frost is returning this evening.

it was not a little bit more than just a moment ago this evening when i, as it happens, walked down towards the village again. and yes i did indeed take another, for now final, image.

the family, those of them you like more than me and get pictured here from time to time, desired pizza for the evening, and so off i went to get them what they desired. yes, i got myself one too.

and that's just about that for this post, then. more later, as and when it happens. as i intend to do a spot of fancy driving tomorrow, it would not be a shock if nature decided to throw some snow down. or maybe a touch of ice. watch this space.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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