Sunday, December 14, 2014

cards, lizard and vader

hi there

nothing much really, except to say i have a really sore back, look you see. also, i have some pictures here so i thought i would shove them in a post for your passing interest.

first up, Christmas cards, or if you like, cards of Christmas. a lot of them, in truth, and more of them just keep coming. this is excellent stuff.

we have, we think, received more cards this year than in the entirety of the last 10 or so years combined. aaaah. a lot of this is, of course, due to the high number of school friends the boys have. also, however, Christmas cards weren't really a "thing" in Africa. some sent, but not as many as did and do in England.

it helps, of course, in sending and receiving Christmas cards when you have a mostly reliably postal service.

closely related to the above is an arbitrary pic of a lizard that i was recently forwarded. 

if you are wondering if this is being posted for some covert, hidden and indeed secret message purpose, the answer is yes, of course. response was sent in an entirely different way, this is just a way of in secret saying that the message landed and that all happened. it's just too much of a class picture of a lizard, arbitrary or otherwise, not to share here.

meanwhile, over at Disney the drive to recoup their spends on Star Wars continues with this perfectly natural bringing together of Darth Vader, shower gel, a sponge and a keyring.

it's the keyring that throws me a bit, really. what place does a keyring normally have in association with quality branded shower accessories? i mean, am i missing something?

actually quality is a bit misleading there - the sponge is basically knacked after one rudimentary, indeed conventional, use.

right, that will do, i need to prepare, or if you like prep, for the week ahead.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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