Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas around the world (ish)

hello there

crivens, gadzooks even, it's the last day of the year, so it is, look you see. i had, then, better do a look back at Christmas celebrations from last week, for to do it in the new year would be something that strikes me as being a terribly pretentious thing to do.

first and foremost, of course, i trust you all have had, or are continuing to have, a most excellent Christmas. yes, of course, even those of you who do not celebrate Christmas for what it is as such because of religious reasons or beliefs, but no doubt get something of a break at this point of the year anyhow. ours has been great - my first at home for many years, and of course the first English one for all in the house.

and here we are - well, all but me, for i was behind the camera (yes, a proper camera) - visiting Gran and Gramps on Christmas morning

those are indeed Thorntons chocolate gingers that Gran & Gramps have. they would have loved some of the fancy ones from that fancy shop off of the very fancy Sandton City, but Thorntons ones will do, apparently, along with having us about for a year or so.

Father Christmas, or if you like Santa Clause, somehow managed to drop some rather ace Guardians Of The Galaxy toys for the boys off at Gran & Gramps, which they were well impressed with.

to go slightly away, but not too far, from Christmas, this next picture of Gran and Gramps recently came to my attention. it's from, give or take, 40 years and two months ago.

many, many thanks indeed to a chap called Jim for not only finding the above, but also for sharing it with me and certain parts of the world.

and, speaking of the world, the title of this post sort of promised you Christmas around the world, so let us get on with that. if you were wondering whether or not in New Zealand, or if you like Aotearoa,  they choose to celebrate Christmas by going up a mountain,  here comes an end to your sense of wonder about this most pressing of matters.

yes, indeed they do. and they go right up to the edge and everything, indeed Bono close to the edge. and wear Christmas hats too. New Zealand looks awesome, man, not at all like they present it in them films with the midgets and the rings.

now then, dear reader, an extra special treat coming up for you in the next picture. this paragraph, or if you like bit of writing, exists surely so you can brace yourself and be ready for it.

if you are sat there looking at the picture to the side and wondering "is that who i think it is", well, the answer is very much yes it is, in a real and definitive sense, assuming of course that you are thinking this is Spiros. no, not the big massive penguin, the chap bent over in a compromising yet oddly accommodating way before the penguin.

is getting bummed off big massive penguins a regular thing for Spiros, you ask? partially, i suppose. in this case it was quite a surprise and chance event, as you can more or less work out by the fact that he has dropped his brolly.

why does Spiros walk around with a brolly? he was brought up in one of them colonial places, look you see, and the only ideas or knowledge he had of where he lives now came from the rather more elitist, idealist type of missionary dude. they created for him a picture of Life in London (innit) being one in which gentlemen are, at all times, expected to walk around with a brolly and wear a bowler hat. i will wager some coins of money that his bowler hat is on the top of the penguin you cannot see the head of in this picture, to be honest.

one of the best things about 2015 will, no doubt, being able to share with you the further adventures of Spiros. it is, after all, highly unlikely that he will stop sending me random pictures of spew. i have no doubt at all that he will also continue to have class fights with members of the hackney carriage fraternity too.

an extra special image for you who like things that are related to the southern side of the equator. no, alas, Grant enthusiasts, there is nothing for you here, for i got no images from him this year. Richard enthusiasts, however, are already no doubt absolutely thrilled already by this picture here, long before they read this very sentence.

yes, in fairness, Richard does often wear a red nose and antlers during the course of every or any given year. here, however, he is pictured wearing them specifically, or if you like especially, for Christmas, which is a jolly nice gesture.

it sounds like he, Erika and the kids all had a fantastic time, with family and friends visiting and making merry. i know for a fact that Christmas was a good deal warmer for them where they are than it was for us, which goes in many ways towards explaining the shirtless, or if you like shirt-free, look that he has adopted for this picture. not that, as a Newcastle fan, he allows such things as cold, indeed inclement, weather to be a barrier to wandering around with no shirt on. no, i don't know who Newcastle's next manager will be and i don't really care. ace if it is Tim Sherwood, unless there is someone even worse than him available at the moment and i can't remember who it is.

that went a bit off course, that last bit did. here, look, here you go, here's another picture showing how much hotter it was there than it was here.

and there you more or less have it; Christmas around the world, or at least the known parts of the world. if your part of the world has not been covered in this blog post, then either you are living in a yet undiscovered part of the world or you simply did not send me any pictures.

oh, go on then, to finish off, one of the boys on the day after Christmas, or if you like Boxing Day, or the Day of Goodwill. i don't think anyone calls it Goodwill Day, but if you want to, knock yourself out

one more post from me to follow for this year - yes, the inevitable one. beyond that, though, thank you so much for sticking with me and reading this year, and i hope there's stuffs of things of interest to entertain you throughout 2015.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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