Saturday, December 27, 2014

snow be here

hi there

well, the 75% of my family that you all like are very excited at the moment. there has been a sense of disappointment in their number, look you seem about the fact that the rest of the country has faced a weather apocalypse in the form of snow. we had mostly missed out on this utter, utter destruction and devastation. that is, until now.

actually, we did have some earlier, as this first picture shows.

it being up on a hill - even a famous, celebrated and most impressive one - was of little or no use to them, apparently. no, they wanted full on snow, the kind that blocks off all the roads and keeps you barricaded in your home.

this evening, however, we were finally lucky - their word, most decidedly not mine -  enough to get the fall of snow, or if you like snowfall, down at our level. and it is falling snow that is of the nature which stays for a bit.

my (considerably) better half is bouncing up and down with joy at all of this, and has taken several videos of it all. here is one of them for your viewing pleasure.

yay, whoohoo, snow, great, fantastic, brilliant.

i don't mean to be a grouch or anything like that, but the novelty factor of snow kind of wore off for me many years ago. when? i am not sure precisely, but it was somewhere around the time that i either had to walk 3 or 4 miles through it to do an exam, or possibly when i had to dig myself out of a house.

but yes, there was something of a smile on my face when i saw it falling once more. partially from nostalgia; mostly from seeing the excitement everyone else here had of experiencing it.

we did, as avid readers of this blog shall recall, have some earlier on this year. it was just a fleeting look at it, however. this looks like it could well hang around for a few days.

as i have been writing this it has been falling further and laying. these next two pictures are but 30 minutes apart. for starters, then, here are the 75% you all like rushing to be outside at the first fall of snow.

and here are my class, if not sensational, size 13 footprints a little bit later.

and it is still very much falling, dear reader. well, i suspect it would be quite an interesting and somewhat unusual story for you all if it was somehow rising, would it not.

the above hopefully gives the reader of this blog who has never lived in snow something of an insight into how one can so easily be "caught in a snowstorm". when it falls with the intention of staying, it comes with some speed, look you see. it's not like people recklessly go out in the stuff.

tomorrow would be a day that i had planned to go off and do a spot of shopping. the current condition of the car, however, gives every suggestion of me not going off to do a spot of shopping tomorrow.  

as i have not actually driven in snow before i am somewhat concerned about doing this. it is something that i will no doubt not be able to avoid forever, but i may well get away with not doing it tomorrow.

how is the snow affecting my efforts to fail at that quit / cut down considerably on the smoking front thing? ever so well, as it happens, ever so well.

it was something of a challenge to get the above done, and i trust you all appreciate it. should i get some sort of medal or certificate for my valiant effort? i would not refuse such an honour if it were to be bestowed upon me.

anyway, i think i shall head off now and make some sort of effort to keep warm.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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