Sunday, December 21, 2014

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hi there

those of you who were hoping for a better, more mature and sophisticated post to follow up from my last one are likely to be disappointed, look you see. although i suppose it does hit, by accident, on some serious stuff.

with it being so close to Christmas and that i decided, dear reader, to treat myself to a copy of that ace newspaper the Sunday Sport. it's a newspaper which boldly and bravely tackles the stories other newspapers seem reluctant to touch. like, for instance, this one.

yes, the other, perhaps lesser, newspapers have made mention of this film The Interview and all the fuss around it, but few have dared look at the further consequences. it's all very well giving publicity to the fact that Sony has been hacked, and of course that George Clooney has been allowed to be even more smug than usual, but the other victims - the far more innocent ones - tend not to get their story told.

why exactly North Korea has targeted a retired florist in, of all places, Brighton, is somewhat beyond me, but that is what the country has done, according to this newspaper article.

i know everyone is all worried about the fact that North Korea has apparently humiliated Sony by pirating some of their films on the internet and releasing some insightful emails (apparently James Bond will catch the baddies in the next film, and the pampered daughter of a Hollywood legend, that Angelina thingie, turns out to be demanding and pushy), but this is a much bigger concern. i mean, if some poor retired florist can find pictures that he would obviously have no interest at all in are planted on his computer, who is next?

i imagine that, mostly, this story will make a lot of things make a lot of sense to many people. now that they think on, there are people out there who will find some peace in the fact that any and all obscene or dubious images which happen to be on their computer - now or at some stage over the last 18 years - were probably put there by North Korea. Gary Glitter, for instance, is likely to be exonerated, and the BBC can go back to showing his class TV performances.

it's not just retired florists in Brighton who are suffering the torment of North Korean hackers targeting them. Spiros has been a victim for years. Several memberships to Turkish Baths and gymnasiums around the world have been registered in his name - clearly the North Koreans have decided to undermine him somewhat by getting hold of his credit cards and signing him up for them. that probably explains several magazines he is a regular subscriber to, too, and the contents of about five external hard drives he has. poor Spiros. i am sure they shall continue to target him for quite some time.

speaking of Spiros, i am putting this next story here only because it is the sort of thing, from his halcyon days as a special sauce chef, that interests him. any amusement i find in the story is incidental.

i quite like how the chap in question has, apparently, no qualms at all about his picture appearing with this story. and now, also, we know what Spiros is having for Christmas dinner.

sorry, will try and do a proper post here eventually.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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