Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Spiros (almost) getting his f*****g head kicked in off of a taxi driver

hello there

OK, OK, settle down. i know a great many of you are enthusiastic and excited about news of my mate Spiros and his ambitions of violence involving taxi drivers, so here as soon as i could do an update is an update.for those impatient or in a rush, it went very well indeed, although no heads have been kicked in as such as yet.

one or two of you, in particular those in the know in respect of these matters, for some reason thought that Spiros would not go ahead and present a cabbie, or taxi driver, with a Scottish £5 note. those who did think this simply - and this is not criticism - do not understand Spiros. he is a driven man, and at this point in life he is seeking vengeance against all those of the profession, or if you like trade, of which one of their number accused him of being an Australian in less than complimentary terms.

these pictures were taken by Spiros as he handed over the Scottish Fiver. well, i think they were taken by Spiros. they could just as easily have been taken by the wandering, somewhat confused and bewildered French person that Spiros happened to meet and brought into the taxi with him.

at this point i have to just pause and express how immensely impressed i am with Spiros at this rather interesting elaboration of antagonizing he did. a Scottish Fiver is usually enough in itself to make any happy go lucky, salt of the earth London cabbie lose the plot a bit, but waving one around with a Frenchman involved is guaranteed to cause some considerable distress and upset for them. nice one Spiros, good work, man.

an even more excellent added bonus was, thanks presumably to the presence of the Frenchman, Spiros was able to offer to the taxi driver a special mix of Euro notes as well as the Scottish Fiver.

this, as the somewhat edited picture i have gone with here suggests, did not bring as much pleasure to the taxi driver as you might have thought.

i would not say that Spiros did not believe me as such when i told him that taxi drivers would get upset when presented with Scottish money, despite it being perfectly legal, but he did suspect i was exaggerating how animated and how raised in blood pressure their reaction would be. his experience, and the various comments, suggestions and medically unlikely ideas that the taxi driver offered in response to being presented with such currency has led to Spiros accepting that what i told him would happen was indeed what happened.

it actually sounds like it got very - perhaps over - heated, and of course i am somewhat concerned for the health and well being of my friend, despite how amusing, of course, the idea of him getting his f*****g head kicked in off a taxi driver is. amusing in theory, but not in reality.

that said, when i informed him that more Scottish money was on the way and told him if he just deposited it in the bank, he said no chance, and off he shall be going to offer it to another taxi driver to see what happens.

you want a video of this? sure, why not. Spiros could not take very much, and it is of somewhat poor quality, but why not, he made it and sent it, so here it is.

he should get the next, last for now, note of Scottish money before this week has ended, and i would imagine he will be off using it as soon as possible. should i get any more ace videos or pictures i will of course share as soon as i can, and relay as best and as truthfully as possible his account of the adventure. well, either i will do that, or simply post a link to the relevant news story if the matter gets out of hand.

i trust all of those interested in this have been most pleased with this update.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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