Friday, May 11, 2012

i want to fly and run till it hurts, sleep for a while and speak no words.....

hi there

yes, yet more documents of old that my Dad has found as he potters around the grounds of South Fork! this time it's stuff from 30 or so years ago, relating to those early formulative years i spent attending different schools in that fine land known with affection as Australia.

before we begin, no is the answer. no, i do not think many if any will be particularly interested in these images as they pertain to me directly. i do, however, think that some who have attended the same schools as i may be looking for information and the like about those schools, and thus i thought it full worthy to put them up here in order to allow google to do its thing and assist.

the grand social network, otherwise known as the book of faces, did have a few "fan pages" for some of these schools. they seem to have vanished, however, and replaced with blank "official" pages. a bit of a shame, but if these help anyone, here you go!

first off to 1981, and Enfield Public School in Sydney. going on what i have from that school handed to me by Dad, i seem to have been a reasonably well behaved young student there!

that's quite a bit of good encouragement on display there! the Australian mantra tends to be "have a go" and don't knock anyone or anything unless you've tried, which is a pretty good way to live.

i can remember the "report" i produced on Sydney, i wish i still had it! i recall i drew an absolutely excellent picture of the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge on the cover. well, it was better and somewhat more like the reality of how they looked that my earlier updated map of Britain!

on we go, and north to Queensland for the first of two schools i attended there. well, i think it was just two. i certainly only seem to have things from two schools, so most likely that was the case.

Here is the cover for a report i got from Everton Park State School in, according to the cover, 1982.

what did the actual report say? not a lot, to be honest. a lot of "satisfactory" ratings and comments that i was adjusting rather well to a new school.

to be honest further still, i do not recall a great deal of Everton Park State School. i don't think we were in that area of a particularly long period of time. i can just about recall a good number of huge, beautiful trees on the path from the school to home, if that means much.

a school i do remember, rather fondly, is the last one i attended in Australia, Slacks Creek State School. do you want to see what reports from that school looked like? no problem!

as well as the above report (i was satisfactory, it seems), Mum and Dad had also retained an absolutely massive school newsletter from Slacks Creek. i am certainly not going to put the whole thing here, but one of the earlier pages from it may well be of interest to some.

the paper it is on is of a most peculiar size - bigger than A4, but nowhere near the size of A3. i did my best to scan some of it in, at the least. i would imagine that those inclined to search for details of their school days may well like to see a list of teachers at Slacks Creek during 1982, so there you go!

well, there you go with that lot! yes, there are one or two more items i've scanned in to upload, but the next batch should be of somewhat universal interest!

thanks for reading!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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