Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Stone Roses - Warrington, Manchester, 23 May 2012

Hi there

up front, no - no i do not have a bootleg video or audio recording of this gig and further i do not know of any footage or recording out there except for a very, very bad 30 second clip of Made Of Stone that you (at the time of writing) can go and find on You Tube. my apologies if you have googled or by other means got here if i do not have what you want, but look around anyway - i do my best to write in a way to entertain!

i can't give you the sights and the sounds of the secret, surprise concert that The Stone Roses did last night, but i can certainly sort you out with the set list! looks like it is John Squire's copy, too!

it was somewhat unlikely that the first reunion gig would be held in Barcelona, wasn't it? this surprise first gig was for free, with 1500 lucky people from their home town of Manchester turning up with a Stone Roses item and a donation to HUGS to get access. Morrissey, that other famous son of Manchester, did something similar for his first solo gig.

the reports say that all was excellent, or if you will beyond excellent. Nice one Ian Brown, telling people to stop it with their phones and cameras and just enjoy the moment! that said, the insistence of large parts of modern audiences to film and take pictures of gigs rather than enjoy them does allow us to see one or two images from a night that shall be remembered for a long time!

only two "special" guests were present, one Liam Gallagher and, even better, Cressa, the dancer and vibesmaster that was lucky enough to be on stage with the band back around the time of the debut album.

you may be pleased to know that a professional film crew also recorded the event, so fingers crossed it turns up on a documentary or as a DVD release.

the first thing that strikes one about the set list is pretty much "what, no I Am The Resurrection?". well, it was a short set, and i imagine that's reserved for the bigger, fuller gigs.

never mind what is missing, it's great to see stuff from Second Coming feature. Tightrope and Love Spreads are the best two songs off that one, and good to see the band still retains some love for the songs, despite the fact that the album was "the start of the end" if you will.

good to see an alive and well Reni on drums, too. so much for the theory of the drummer out of Dodgy about Reni being "exceptionally ill"!

so, The Stone Roses really are back with us. all seems and feels well and at one in the universe, does it not?

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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