Sunday, May 13, 2012

South Fork shenanigans

hey there

another weekend, another trip to South Fork, another request from my Dad to turn something that is analogue into a digital format. pretty standard weekend, then! this one was perhaps slightly different from the last few weekends, however, as to the sheer delight of Grandad he had four of his grandchildren running around, making his life interesting.

Ruby-Lee has, i am delighted to say, got the hang of this walking business rather well. probably better than me, in fact, but as most of the world does not find itself as caught off-balance as i tend to this should not be seen as understating her skills!

whereas Ruby-Lee is not quite ready to start climbing over things, as much as William tried to encourage her to, she has got the knack of walking around and fiddling with stuff. like, for instance, Grandma's display cabinet thing that has a fancy la-de-dah name that i can never recall.

by comparison, her big sister Lyla is quite the expert at climbing over things and indeed people, in particular Grandad.

yes, that's Marmite having a go at climbing too! i think Marmite gets quite happy to see so many younglings arrive at the house too, for that's more people for her to jump up at, and indeed more people willing to give her all kinds of treats!

as for what the four of them got up to, well, it's getting a bit nippy in the air here, so mostly indoor stuff. and before Grant gets too excited reading this, it usually involves sitiing and watching a film in one of the bedrooms, usually the Bobby Ewing suite.

oh yes, if you are wondering, that is indeed a lightsaber William is sat rather contemplatively with! well, you never know when you might need one!

Grandad sort of vanished for a bit, which allowed the four of them to stop watching movies in the bedroom and move to the lounge to do it!

i have no idea what they were busy watching, but a guess would be that it involved either Star Wars or Batman, as they seem to be flavour of the month at the moment! whatever it was seemed to impress Ruby-Lee a great deal!

i'm sat here feeling exhausted, and looking at the pictures of the weekend behind us i am starting to understand why that is!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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