Monday, May 21, 2012

Peppermint Crisp

hi there

someone recently did one of those survey things about what people miss when they move to a different country. it related to South Africa this time around, where as we know many people leave here to play cricket for England.

the things listed revolved mostly around the predicatble - biltong, decent weather rooibos tea and a particular brand of chutney that's OK but not really the greatest ever - but there was one thing on it that caught our eye. the humble Peppermint Crisp chocolate bar is apparently something that people miss in large numbers.

both Michele and i had forgotten about these things, considering they are not as visible on the shelves these days as they once were. it was also something of a surprise to discover that they were a South African only thing; we just kind of assumed that they were readily available around the world.

being reminded of them made Michele recall how much she actually likes the things (i consider them to be sort of OK, and would lose not a moment of sleep if i never had another), and so off i went to find one or two of them. this i did, and there was much merriment in our house when i returned with it.

Michele decided to see if the boys liked it. James took to it much like i did, really - he thinks it is OK, but nothing amazing. William, however, seems to think that they are the best thing ever!

allowing for the fact that the picture above was taken on my blueberry thing, you have absolutely no idea how difficult it was to get that picture. well, i suppose you don't as i have not told you yet. William was determined that he was to keep and try and finish the whole bar, and was quite cagey when anyone came near him, fearing that we would try and take the bar off him!

i guess i had better try and purchase one or two more of them for him, but just give him a piece or two when it is treat time, rather than letting him take as much as he wants!

Gillian was as enthusiastic about these bars as William is, i seem to recall - perhaps, when our current postal strike is at an end, i should try posting one to her again!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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