Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Be Good

hi there

Dad's sifting through boxes at South Fork has continued, and is revealing even more interesting things that he has tucked away. there are one or two film and music related items of interest, but this time around he's found a whole load of sports stuff.

of all the items he has uncovered, few are as impressive as a whole whack of signatures and autographs he collected at various events in the 70s. there are some very impressive ones (Kevin Keegan, Bobby Charlton and Jim Laker off the top of my head), but this is the one that truly made me stop, stare in disbelief and go "wow".

yes, that "to Lee" part is written by my Dad, as he prepared them for signing for different people. the rest of it, however, is the work of the man who shall be, for me and in my opinion, the greatest character and manager the game of football shall ever known, the late, legendary Brian Clough!

that the signature is on a menu for a celebratory dinner in honour of Geoffrey Boycott just makes it all the more excellent, really!

i'll get around to pictures and scans of some of the other stuff (including a really funky '3D' card collection that The Sun (ahem) 'newspaper' produced in the early 70s) eventually, but understandably i just wanted to show this one off soonest. hence the low quality blueberry phone camera thing being used!

be good indeed, and be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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