Sunday, May 13, 2012

watching the wildlife

hi there well, another milestone reached! last week William went off on his first ever school trip, and seems to have got through it OK! it probably helps that, as with James, Grandma went along with him! i think Grandma did at least with James; it could have been Mummy!

off to the bird park they went, although there were many other forms of wildlife for William to have a look at, and no doubt try and catch!

erm, apparently all the children were supposed to be dressed in red. we didn't quite get that message, hence William not being pictured here in red!

if you are looking at that picture and saying "that's the kind of green jumper that Brian Clough used to wear", then well done, for that crossed my mind too when i bought it for him!

it sounds like William, and indeed Grandma, had a most excellent time. i suspect, however, that William will have been hoping for certain other kinds of animals on display. have a look at him here, walking against the barrier in a way, indeed, that Cloughie would have marched the touchline.

i am pretty sure that here William is thinking "this all looks a bit like that class film James keeps watching. i wonder if i can see a velociraptor or similar down there".

it certainly looks like he tried to persuade some of his friends to come along and see if they could spot one or two dinosaurs!

sorry that it's mostly "back of head" shots of William here. in fairness, Mum was more concerned with watching what he was up to, considering his skills and passion for climbing things that he is not supposed to, than she was with getting pictures of him!

no doubt there shall be many more trips for William to go out and about on, hopefully to look just as stylish on in his green jumper!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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