Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Stone Roses - an EP on the way?

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this might be yet another non-news story, but as we are all of 3 weeks away from their warm up return in Barcelona it's worth mentioning! there has not been much in the press about the possibility of new Stone Roses song since Bez suggested they were working on material until now.

Chris Coghill, the writer of a most interesting film called Spike Island which is due for release, has mentioned in passing that the band has "at least three or four new songs" recorded. and, frustratingly but understandably, that's as far as this particular conversation goes!

with new material "in the can", it's strange that there's not so much as a hint of a release date for at least a single or, going on Mr Coghill's comments, an EP. the band have signed two (!) record deals, and you would think that the labels which signed them would want a product out around about now, with coverage and anticipation of their return getting bigger and bigger.

it will be somewhat baffling, but also very Stone Roses like, if any or all new material gets its debut live rather than on a record release.

if luck and excellence are on our side, hopefully there will be news on this front very soon!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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