Sunday, May 13, 2012


hi there

today was, amongst other things, Mother's Day and Dylan's birthday. what better excuse for us to visit my beloved Mother-In-Law, then, and what better excuse do you need for some KFC? you actually don't, by the way, need an excuse to get KFC, you should get it anyway.

there is, however, something better than one KFC variety bucket. that of course would be two KFC variety buckets!

they are, quite frankly, the business. in them you get traditional, classic KFC pieces, some zinger wings (that, by my word, are hot) and some "chicken pops", which are basically what we used to call nuggest, rebranded now for the 21st Century. call them what you like, for it is not like The King, Elvis Presley, stops to ask the name of what he's eating.

i suppose they are called pops (or whatever they are called) to appeal to "the kids", and speaking of which, i was considerate enough to get some meals for the kids.

the kids, though, decided instead for the most part to tackle some of the fine, crispy pieces from the bucket. a very wise choice!

if you are wondering about the security around the counter at KFC, then you obviously have never been into a branch of KFC with my good mate, or bum chum if you will, Sprios. he goes absolutely mental in the KFC establishments in the area, trying to get "backstage", hoping to eat all the items they have and score either a class KFC hat or, better still, a big massive picture of The Colonel. his passion for The Colonel is most admirable.

we did take the camera along to my beloved Mother-In-Law, but alas we were far too busy eating KFC to take any more pictures. sorry.

if you're in a nation that celebrated Mother's Day today (i think in England they have it earlier in the year, around Easter), hope you all had fun, and indeed hope that you had as class a lunch as we did!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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