Tuesday, May 08, 2012

a thorn in the side of the Roses?

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over on the NME interweb site there's a story that suggests the imminent Stone Roses reunion will not be as full a reunion as suggested. and by a member possibly missing i do not mean, alas, that it is a reference to Cressa.

the drummer out of Dodgy (they did that song Good Enough as i recall) reckons they have been rehearsing without Reni, with rumours being that Reni is rather unwell at the moment.

oh dear. the nay-sayers and anti-Roses brigade will no doubt have a field day with this, pointing out that Reni was the first to quit the band last time around and indeed highlighting that in the press conference Reni was more interested in discussing when the reunion would end above everything else.

reading the full article on NME, however, suggests that this story is nonsense, with the Roses representatives confirming all four are busy with rehearsals. this could all, then, just be a way for Dodgy to get their names in the press, and indeed simply provide the NME with an excuse to run another story about The Stone Roses.

as the article the link takes you too also mentions that Brad Pitt "really, really" wants to go to one of the gigs at Heaton Park (with Angelina, no less) the credibility of the story crumbles even further. interestingly, they do not mention the name of the "mystery drummer" supposedly stepping into the breach.

i wonder, though, if there is the slightest bit of truth in this story, if they will turn to the man who is not Cressa but seems to be overlooked in the story of the reunion, the man who replaced Reni last time.

as far as i am aware Robbie Maddix i sstill gigging as Son Of Thunder, and indeed was the support act for an Ian Brown solo tour 5 or so years ago. the bootlegs i've heard of him on the Roses 95 tour suggest that he got better as the tour went along and can do the job. he's also clearly on friendly terms with Ian, and Mani is a friend to the entire world.

what the world is waiting for is to see Reni back where he belongs. if he's ill, certainly get well soon chap. if he does pull out of all of this reunion stuff, it will be a major downer, but lets hope the rest of the band carries on.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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