Friday, May 11, 2012

The Godfather film programme / souvenir brochure

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yes, another find from my Dad rummaging around South Fork, only this one should appeal to a much wider audience than the discovery of some of my school reports!

once upon a time, a visit to the cinema was considered the social and cultural equivalent of going to the theatre. as a consequence, one used to get a much more "theatrical" experience, which included being able to get a proper programme for the film you were going to see.

for some reason my Dad had such a programme, and not for any old film either - how about one for one of the greatest films in cinema history, The Godfather!

i thought i knew a good deal about The Godfather and its making, but i had never ever seen that bust of Brando as Don Corleone prior to having this programme handed to me! wow, quite impressive looking it is!

there's a page inside the programme that gives you some more information on it, if you are at all interested!

and that page above is the only one from the inside that i am prepared to show you. why? well, because every other page, either in picture or text, gives huge plot notes and twists away! that seems to have been standard for the 70s, mind. i recall seeing the trailer for The Godfather and being very glad that i saw it after seeing the film, for it more or less gives you every major death and development in less than two minutes!

that seems to be pretty much standard for promoting films in the 70s, mind. i do wonder how they would have promoted something like The Usual Suspects or even Se7en!

the back cover is pretty much spoiler free, so you are welcome to have a look!

as for the value of this programme, well, to me it is priceless. current internet pricing, however, has it at US$20.00, going on what i can find from searches. if it's that low because there are many copies of it around, then i certainly hope all who love the film as much as i do have either got a copy of this or can get one with relative ease!

that'll do for updates today!

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