Friday, May 11, 2012

exclusive! my first book!

hi there

well, it's back to the stuff that Dad has been finding, and a rare insight into the creative impulse for you. behold! this has remained unseen for over 30 years now. what is it? my first attempt at a book!

at least i think it's my first attempt at a book. who knows, perhaps the muse took me and i tried to write something earlier. let us say that this is the earliest book i attempted to write known to exist and move along. with particular emphasis, apparently, on the word "attempted".

getting my priorities right seems to have been important, for i clearly spent a good deal of time on the cover!

that's an excellent grasp of attention to detail i have there! if we for the moment leave aside the interesting interpretation of the Union Jack flag i have on display there, that's an unusual looking Great Britain / United Kingdom i have produced for the cover! Scotland, Wales and indeed the tropics of Cornwall seem to have fared rather badly, but the whole of Ireland seems to have gone.

this changes somewhat when you turn to page one, but not by much!

i would imagine i was 4 or 5 when i felt compelled to write this. strange that i should have such a firm grasp of the concept of a "political map", for i seem to have included Northern Ireland! a bit of Wales seems to have been restored too, but the bad luck Cornwall and Scotland had in my first picture seems to perpetuate. London seems to have been slightly relocated too!

as for the text, well, how's that for a no-nonsense approach to telling you like it is? and that would seem to be all there was that i had to say on the matter, really, for the rest of the pages in the book appear to remain blank!

looking back and i do not think this was a bad effort at all, really. i dare say i have not written anything so clear and reader friendly since, and i suspect i never shall!

hope you enjoyed reading!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!
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