Wednesday, May 23, 2012

using The Force at South Fork

hi there

on a recent trip to South Fork the boys decided it would be a good idea to take their rather ace lightsabers with them. they do not, oddly, bash each other with them much at all, if at all, which is as surprising as it is pleasant. they are instead happy to walk around with them, being simple and humble students of the ways of the Jedi.

i didn't, as it happens, have my blueberry phone thing that takes rubbish pictures on hand. fortune has it, however, that Grandad was about with one of his many cameras with massive lenses on it!

they might not hit each other with them (all that much), but as you can see James is only too happy to teach William how one can go about poking and prodding things with a trusty lightsaber. we will frequently watch, for instance, William shove all sorts of things under the couches at home, just so he can try and knock them back out with his lightsaber.

things to poke and prod at with a lightsaber seems to extend as far as having a go at fishing with one of them!

after been advised not to mess around near the pool with them (in less vague wording than that), it was off for a stroll around the grounds of South Fork for the boys.

if you are wondering about the jumpers / jackets on the go, yes indeed it is getting ever so slightly nippy here at the moment!

whereas James, and as a consequence by default William, prefers the newer "prequel" trilogy than the original Star Wars films, they seem to be having a go at pretending they are on Endor here. no problem with that, especially as South Fork, unlike Endor, has a consideable lack of cannibalistic like Ewoks that are likely to try and cook them alive!

as for the, as some would put it, "bombshell" mentioned above, well, Episodes I - III are meant to be to this generation what IV - VI were to ours in regards of Star Wars. the kids of today are subsequently buiiding up as many fond memories of these new ones as we did with the original ones. these "fanboys", who have ranted so much against them that they've persuaded George Lucas to give up on making any more films, really need to get a grip, a life and a sense of perspective. just enjoy them for what they are!

James and William certainly do, when they are not trying to hide in the trees and bushes at South Fork!

the above picture makes me wonder just how much fun they will have at playing Predator as and when i am allowed to show them that magnificent film!

well, i hope you are all doing well, and indeed that it is somewhat warmer wherever you are in the world!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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