Sunday, May 27, 2012

that Owen Paul revivial starts on June 10

Hi there

behold! here is my copy of Owen Paul's biggest single, My Favourite Waste Of Time. and when i say it was his biggest, i do mean it - it easily outsold whatever else it is he did.

due to me posting this over on the grand social network, a bit of a conversation started with celebrated singer and songwriter JonnyGuitar. in a spur of the moment sort of thing i suggested that he have a crack at a cover version of it, implying that untold riches and even greater celebration of his art could be had by doing so.

wouldn't you know, a consequence of this exchange in JonnyGuitar announcing  The Owen Paul Tribute Minute Gig which shall be happening on June 10.  as it is fair to say that i am partially responsible for the rejuvenation of interest in the music of Mr Paul i feel obliged to promote this gig. well, i would promote it anyway i suppose.

if you are in a position where you can pay the minimum purchase fee if US$5.00 (five bucks), then please register or link your facebook account over at StageIt. you will get 50 (fifty!) tickets for your 5 dollars, of which you only need to use 5 or so tickets to get access to this gig.if JonnyGuitar's performance of My Favourite Waste Of Time pleases you then you can tip him with your excess tickets, or go and support another artists with them.

this is going to be ace, please come along and support!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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