Thursday, May 03, 2012


hi there

there really is no way to possibly overstate this - today is a day that shall resonate long after we have all gone, ladies and gentlemen. i arrived at verk today to discover that an armed and fully operational shredder had been installed.

i have been campaiging for one of these beauties to be made available to us for about a decade or so now. they are, quite frankly, the business. anyone who is serious about things like office efficiency, streamlined productivity and in particular a paper-free environment should have at least one of these devices installed. ideally, you should have as many shredders as you do printers and fax machines, consolidating the shredder with the paper producing device to create a fully automated filing solution.

i don't think we have had this shredder installed on the basis of my requests and, to be honest, i do not think the plan was for me to use it at all, let alone as much as i have been today. it is here, nonetheless, and so using it is exactly what i have been doing.

the pictures you are looking at were of course taken by my personal photographer, Trigger. he wishes to express his apologies for the "blurry" quality some of them have, but i consider this a most unnecessary thing for him to do. the blur effect, as i think professional photographers call it, simply shows off the dynamics of it all, not to mention the excitement and thrill of watching a piece of paper vanish from all conventional state of use.

note the most excellent green light flashing away, telling you that the shredder is doing its thing.

i assume my sheer joy at having access to this device is there for you to all see in these words and pictures. it really is a most excellent thing.

should anything else as exciting as this happen at verk i will of course tell you all about it, but i do not see the circumstances in which we get a device that is even better than this one.

if this article has inspired you to seek out a shredder, well then so much the better. i trust you will all have as much fun and enjoyment with shredding as i presently am!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and shred, shred, shred away!!!!!!!!!!!
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