Thursday, May 24, 2012

more images of Warrington

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 well, over on that you tube thing you can find three very short videos of songs from the gig that The Stone Roses did in Warrington last night. i'm not linking or adding them here at all, but i thought some halfway decent (i try) screenshots may be of interest to some of you. they are to me, at least! thanks and credit to the fortunate people who not only got into the gig but were also brave enough to defy security and film away!

the gig might not have ended with the usual I Am The Resurrection, but it did at the least start off as usual, with the superb I Wanna Be Adored.

i know, there's no need to add the word "superb" to any Stone Roses song, because they all are!

for some reason people still worry and get all worked up about Ian Brown's voice, and how he seems to be "out of tune" when performing's like, what part of what The Stone Roses do is it that they don't get? i'm much happier with the raw, overwhelmed power of how Ian delivers the songs than them being note perfect. the note perfect stuff is all on the albums, thanks, i want to go and see and hear them get as buzzed about the music they make as the fans do.

for the record, the reviews were that Ian's vocal performance "got better" as the hour long set went on. going on the clips on you tube, i am surprised that anyone has been able to make this comment, for it seems like (rightly) the sound of the audience singing along equalled the sound of the band!

i know you can't really make him out in these pictures, but yes, that really is Renion drums. i do hope that the NME are going to do a follow up interview with "the drummer out of Dodgy" to get some clarification on his statement about Reni being very ill and the band drafting in a replacement. if it was meant as a joke, it was not funny. if it was meant to attract attention to Dodgy, then perhaps they should record something Good Enough for people to be interested in rather than that one song, the name of which escapes me.

these last two pictures, taken during Made Of Stone, are exceptionally blurry. they are included, however, to give full credit to the balls of absolute steel the person who took this video clearly has.

security was understandably strong armed at this gig, and quite a few people have reported that their phones, cameras and assorted iTwat devices were confiscated. that did not stop whoever this is using theirs to make a video right up in front of the band! at points in the video it looks like Ian is signalling to security and then pointing in the direction of the recorder; that would certainly explain why at the end of the clip we get some footage of the floor!

well, there you have it.this could be incredibly incorrect, but i suspect there will be no more performances from the band until the Barcelona gig on June 8. if they do, bonus!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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