Friday, May 11, 2012

covering books

hey there

well, as it turns out, Dad's digging through boxes and the like has availed the world of all sorts of things beyond reels of 8mm film! a few of the next posts might be dull and uninteresting to some, but then again they may well be of interest to those doing random google searches for their old schools and things like that.

the last week of November 1984 was certainly an interesting one. it was back when the charts still mattered, with Jim Diamond's I Should Have Known Better at number one, under threat by a song called The Power Of Love by Frankie Goes To Hollywood entering the chart at number three. Another Rock And Roll Christmas by Gary Glitter was a new entry at 72, for what it's worth. and this would have been a mere few days before an incredible amount of musicians went into a studio to record a song called Do They Know It's Christmas?

a film that would prove almost as exciting to me as it did to Bret Easton Ellis, Body Double, was released around this time. this is worth remembering as they took an interesting approach with the film, making it available on video at the same time it was on show in the cinemas. i think this was some sort of attempt to see if all could make money by a "double" release; as few others followed this approach i guess it didn't work.

as for what i was doing - beyond buying Frankie and watching Body Double on video despite being a few years shy of the age certificate on it - well, looking at the below it seems i was being a reasonably good and helpful boy!

nice one! i can sort of remember doing this. i think we covered books at lunch time and for a bit after school (the bell went at 3:15pm). as for why i had volunteered to help, i'd like to think it was either because that's the type of person i am, or failing that for some reason as intelligent that there was a girl doing it that i particularly liked and thus bingo, there's some quality time with her. in all likelihood, though, this was all probably some sort of attempt to off-set a variety of demerits and detentions. it seems to have sort of worked!

it's very nice to see something from Mr John Rowling, now of course Sir John as he is (rightly) a Knight of the Realm, of Nunthorpe School!

i have a fair amount of things that Dad has found which relate to school in Australia, which no doubt i will be posting soon-ish. if not interested, skip to another section!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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