Sunday, May 20, 2012

John Terry - a celebration of celebrations

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well, first off, a big well done to Chelsea for overcoming some remarkable odds stacked against them to be crowned Champions of Europe. no one beyond their own fan base really saw them even making the final, let alone winning it at the ground of their opponents on the night.

special mention, of course, must be made of a special man. despite not taking part in the final as such, there was John Terry, celebrating the victory. just how special is John Terry? well, history has shown us that any sort of celebration really isn't a celebration unless John Terry has taken part in it.

the Apollo moon landing in 1969 was a remarkable thing, both for the Americans who planned and delivered the mission and for all of mankind, for it showed what at our best we were capable of. Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and that other one that no one remembers the names of looked down from another planet to the people of Earth and saw that all was good. it was good, of course, because there in Mission Control stood John Terry, leading the celebrations and, some might say, trying to take all the glory for himself. well, just who is it that would deny John Terry his rightful place at the heart of this?

the legendary Michael Jackson won award after award for the astonishing music he made during his lifetime. a natural talent, an ability to create music that spoke to every corner of the world and a fascinating, mysterious lifestyle all meant that he would be a natural to have the benefit of John Terry come along and endorse some of the awards he won. i have no doubt at all that, if Elizabeth Taylor happened to be in a "married" phase when this picture was taken, John would have taken everyone off for a celebratory roast after the awards.

OK, so sure, in the cold light of day, all that "change" stuff turned out to be nonsense and, as a President, he's no better or worse than anyone else who took the job, but who can forget that sense of a change for good in the world when Barack Obama came to power? John Terry certainly never will, and in no way would Obama's victory night been as memorable or as special if Terry was not there to lift the Presidential Seal high above his head, running around the Oval Office with it for a bit.

just when it seemed the world had banished fairy tales from it, along came the story of William and Kate. the world watched in wonder and awe as the man who will be king took his princess and married with the good wishes of many in the world. the wedding, of course, happened in London, and nothing but nothing happens on John Terry's "manor" without him being involved. how delighted the world was to see John Terry on the balcony, celebrating and no doubt quite prepared to give young William some pointers on just how many people he would need with him on his honeymoon.

and then of course there's May 19 in Munich. UEFA's rather unfair rule of banning players who do things like cowardly go and kick opponents on the back of their legs meant that John Terry wasn't actually allowed to play in what would have been the biggest match in his career, but that was in no way a barrier to him celebrating the win. how thrilled his team mates must have been to see him lift the trophy.

John Terry's commitment to celebrating the astonishing win his team delivered without and indeed despite him knew no earthly limits. not content with stripping off his suit and revealing his full kit, he actually took the time, trouble and imagination to also put his shinpads on, presumably in case - and i really can't think of anyone who would - someone decided to kick him several times.

there are certain words that the people at verk do not like myself and my good friend using in the office. well, one word in particular. we have no problem with this, as we instead just call each other John, Terry or, in extreme cases when you really, really mean the word, John Terry. 

once again, well done and congratulations to those Chelsea players who actually won the trophy, and indeed well done to John Terry for showing off yet again what a complete and utter John Terry he is. 

credit to 'Olly' for the historical images of John Terry.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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