Thursday, June 01, 2017


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if something exists there will, look you see, be collectors of it. this is something to do with human nature, undoubtedly. perhaps it harks back to our ancestral origins as hunter gatherers, or maybe we just all quite like possessions and shiny things. i suspect me, i, myself, am in the latter most latter part of that equation.

this post, however, is not of a collection of mine. someone else has kindly allowed me to show off some elements of their very private collection. as such, no, none of the items on display here are available as a giveaway or for purchase, so please don't ask. rather just look and appreciate, if this is your sort of thing.

tickets, as the title of this post rather cunningly suggests, are the subject of collection on display here. and, as you can see above, tickets from some rather special events. mostly sporting special, but hold on, vibes lovers, there are moments of interest for you.

but where better to start off than with the pair above? i would suspect the pictures pretty much speak for themselves, but for the sake of commentary, yes. the above are tickets from that one time England held the World Cup for football, although it was not called that then. indeed yes, Middlesbrough did host some matches - like the one quarter final that the tickets above were for.

onwards, then to the home of cricket, and where cricket remains at its greatest. indeed, quite, yes, some tickets from the hallowed grounds of Yorkshire Cricket Club.

two classic matches there, with the first one of course always been a cherished event. any time England play Australia at cricket is a time when the cricket world tunes in. as for the last one, well, gone are the days when cigarette companies were allowed to sponsor events. something of a shame, really, as the money they thumped into such things meant that the ticket prices were heavily subsidised, making them accessible to a far wider group of people.

let us now step aside from sports and head towards the vibes. 

it's quite possible that you have seen this very same ticket on the web already. i took the liberty of sending a copy on to the Dylan Stubs site. should you be interested, clicking on the words in red back there will take you to that site. on it you can see an amazing collection, gathered from fans around the world, of tickets from gigs Bob Dylan has played. quite a few, it would seem.

as the Dylan Stubs site could tell you more than i would about tickets for his gigs, let us press on, then. and press on with a return to sports. quite possibly from the event that is considered the pinnacle of sporting events in this world of ours, the Olympics.

should you not be sure of what those tickets were for, they are (front and back) the 3rd place, or if you like bronze medal, play off for the football at the 1976 Olympics. held, as you have no doubt worked out, in Montreal.

who played in the match? it was the Soviet Union against Brazil. as for who won, you would i suspect think Brazil, but no - the Soviets ran out 2-0 winners.

back to the vibes, then. here for the fans of him is a ticket for a Don Partridge concert, held in Doncaster.

Don Partridge was called "king of the buskers" back in the 60s, and indeed had that most class "one man band" style of look. his biggest hit was a song called Blue Eyes, although i would suspect that many would remember him just as much for the song Rosie.

to finish off this brief glimpse at a magnificent collection, then, here are some tickets for that most prestigious of sporting events here in England (and Wales when Wembley is broken, look you see), the FA Cup Final.

it is most splendid to look at these because, well, who doesn't love the FA Cup? it's the one that any child that has ever kicked a ball dreams of winning. earlier in the year we, as you may recall, took William into the tradition of this tournament. he was lucky enough to see our side win, too.

well, there you have it. i would imagine that the images are of far more interest than my comments could be, so please excuse the lack of text from me.

my great thanks once again to those who have allowed me to share these images for those that may be interested. and if you have found these interesting to look at, that's splendid.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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