Friday, June 23, 2017

comme tu étais

bonjour, c'est rock and roll

a quite interesting email came my way today, look you see. it was off of Liam Gallagher, no less, or at least according to the return address. he wanted me to see the artwork off of his new, first solo album, and also encourage me to place one of them "pre order" things for it.

it's called, as you can pretty much see in the above, As You Were. the record is due to land within the first week of October of this very year (2017), although i forget the specific date.

no, i have not pre-ordered it. oh yes, i am very excited about it, in particular as the debut single Wall Of Glass was most smart. i just don't get this "pre order" business. as nice as it is to get things in the post, some things are better in person. heading down to HMV to get the latest album off of someone you like is most certainly such a thing.

why are there elements of French on the go in this post? well, Liam. he took to that there Twitter thing of his and told everyone that he was off to Paris - the one in France - to get some photographs taken for the album artwork.

yes, quite. i am no expert on the ways of arts and artists, but was it really necessary to go all the way to France to have the above portrait image taken, i wonder? undoubtedly his answer to this would be most decidedly yes, if for no reason beyond he fancied it.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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